Another Wet Basement… in Farmington, CT

By Peggi / May 29, 2010

One of my customers  – a very nice woman from Farmington, CT – told me, “My parents are elderly and they still live in their home. They still manage but they have some health concerns. My mom, in particular, has respiratory problems and sometimes has difficulty breathing.” She stated that – at times – they…

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Foundation Crack Repair Stops Wet Basement in West Hartford, CT

By Peggi / May 27, 2010

Almost every time I meet a Connecticut homeowner, I seem to hear the same story… “we’re afraid to go away on vacation because we don’t know what we’ll come home to”… or… “we have to get up every few hours to suck up the water with the shop vacuum so all of our stuff doesn’t…

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Is Mold Affecting Your Connecticut Home?

By Peggi / May 25, 2010

Many people consider mold an inconvenience in a wet basement or poorly ventilated area. But molds can be much more than just an inconvenience… they can affect the health of you and your house. Connecticut’s humid weather can sometimes make for very wet or damp basements. See below for some frequently asked questions regarding moldy…

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