Hatchway Leaks and Basement Doors installed and repaired by CT Dry Basements in Avon, CT

Let’s just face it… everyone’s hatchway leaks. They’re a triple threat. The doors themselves leak, where the door meets the house leaks, and where the door meets the foundation leaks. Old hatchway doors rot and the flashing and caulking can deteriorate. It’s just not a good idea to have an an area exposed to outdoor elements where water can settle and eventually find its way into your basement.

Many basements have precast steps that are bolted to the existing foundation; this creates a cold joint… What’s a cold joint? It’s when two pieces of concrete are poured at different times and then joined together. The problem? Cold joints leak! However, Connecticut’s older homes don’t have precast steps. But after years of stress on the foundation, the seams have started to crack and pull apart causing hatchway leaks.

Hatchway Leaks - Before - CT Dry Basements in Avon, Connecticut

Hatchway Leaks – Before

Now let’s talk about the hatchway doors… Do a simple test. During the day, go down to the basement but don’t turn on the lights. Look up at the hatchway doors. Do you see light from outside when the doors are closed? If so, then your doors are not 100% water-tight. Don’t worry. Over the last 35 years, most of the doors we’ve seen are not water-tight… it’s just the way they are.

If your hatchway leaks, we can fix it with a mason drain. A mason drain is essentially a long floor drain that’s installed at the base of the hatchway stairs that prevents water from entering your basement.

Alternatively, we can inject the hatchway door seams and the cracks with a special polyurethane resin to seal out any water. We can seal the base of the hatchway doors, and we can install new doors if necessary. Most hatchway leaks can be repaired in less than a day.

Hatchway Leaks - After - CT Dry Basements in Avon, Connecticut

Hatchway Leaks – After

If your Connecticut basement is wet or damp or moldy or it leaks, we can fix it. If your hatchway leaks, we can fix it. If you need a new basement door, we can install it.

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