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How the Change of Seasons Affects Your Connecticut Basement

October… the weather is warm one minute and cold the next. It’s the changing of the seasons, and — in Connecticut — that change can be severe in just a matter of hours. So… how do the changing seasons affect your Connecticut basement? The change of seasons and the dropping temperatures can have an impact on your…

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Why is a Dry Basement so Important?

Whether your basement is a finished living area or just a place to hold all your “stuff,” it’s important to keep that area dry and safe. You know a wet basement can cause many problems, from the minor – like a soggy carpet – to the major, such as structural damage to support columns. Flooded…

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How Much Water in Your Basement is Too Much?

That was a trick question. The obvious answer is… any water in your basement is too much! But did you know that when it rains 1″ over an acre of land it produces approximately 27,150 gallons of water? And… although it varies based on whether it’s heavy snow or the light and fluffy stuff, a storm…

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Foundation Cracks Found in Connecticut

Homes – particularly homes built on Connecticut’s rocky terrain – are almost never built on level ground… and it’s a requirement that the ground is excavated to allow for the cement foundation. This means that the excavators need to either remove or add a whole lotta dirt to make room for your home’s foundation. How…

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Basement Hatchway Leaks in Connecticut Basement! Read All About It!

Let’s just face it… basement hatchways leak. And when they leak, water settles in the door frame and eventually find its way into your basement. Many basements have precast steps that are bolted to the existing foundation. This creates what’s called a cold joint. What’s a cold joint? It’s when two pieces of concrete are…

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Installing a Sump Pump in Your Connecticut Basement

I know what you thinking… you’re thinking about that ugly, dirt hole in your basement floor, aren’t you? What? Oh. You’re really thinking about that last piece of chocolate cake sitting on your kitchen counter. Well, stop thinking about cake! You have an ugly, dirt hole in your basement floor that’s causing your basement to…

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